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MAYBACH About us

For decades MAYBACH has symbolized the most exacting demands on quality and luxury. Characteristic are intricately worked, exquisite materials and outstanding design. The name and the standards of the exclusive MAYBACH brand are today carried by premium eyewear and accessories – exclusiveness for the genuine connoisseur.

Over one hundred years ago, Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl Maybach laid the cornerstone for a high-end automobile brand which straight away became a legend. The most precise handcrafting and love of detail distinguish the unmistakable style, appealing to all the senses. Today, these same qualities are demonstrated by the products from MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY.

The models of the eyeglass collection from MAYBACH Eyewear unite traditional and modern aspects and have a firm position in the luxury eyewear sector. The charm and finest quality is also apparent in the exquisite accessories and leather goods. In addition, MAYBACH causes the hearts of horse-lovers to beat faster with its saddlery products – the exclusive MAYBACH saddles are handmade to individual requirements.

Carefully selected materials are painstakingly crafted, step by step, using the best of German handcrafting techniques.

In every case, the elegant design from MAYBACH pays homage to the individuality of the wearer.